Music For Physical Health

# 1 It improves your mood

When you listen to music, the substance comes dopamine free in your brain, that is the happiness hormone. So it is scientifically proven that you get a better mood from it.

# 2 You can get an orgasm

For real? For real! Some songs can lead to physical sensations on your skin that you can compare with orgasm. Just that little bit more than goosebumps! In the scientist language that is called ‘frisson!’

# 3 Music is the top sport

When you listen to music or play music yourself, multiple parts of your brain are active. This is evident from scientific research. Even writing music or playing can be compared to a ‘full body work-out’ for your brain.

# 4 Influence on your blood pressure

If you listen to fast music, your blood pressure rises. If you listen to slow music, you get the opposite effect. Classical music not only causes low blood pressure but also a slower heartbeat.

# 5 Music really helps us …

For example, it has been discovered that music therapy can have a positive influence on, for example, people with Alzheimer’s disease. You also have many musicians who stutter in a daily conversation, but not while singing a song!

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