Importance Of Music

Music can mean a lot for our health. It is an effective remedy for stress, pain and insomnia. Listening to music has various positive effects on our body and mind. Discover here the 5 most important benefits of music for our health.

1. Music reduces stress
Listening to music lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol in our body. This effect is greatest for people who are actively involved with music. So do not hesitate to sing along or tapping with your foot to the beat of the music.

2. Music is conducive to memory
Music can help to better record and remember certain information. The effect would vary according to the type of music. A light tune in the background while studying is not a bad idea.

3. Music reduces pain
Research at Drexel University in Philadelphia shows that music therapy causes pain relief in cancer patients. The kind of music that helps the best is classical music, meditative music or the favorite music of the patient himself

4. Music makes us happy
When we listen to music, our brain releases dopamine. This neurotransmitter gives us a happy and happy feeling

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