Floor Installation – How to Correct Slope Balance in 8 Steps

For those who are building or renovating a house, apartment or even a commercial room, it is essential when placing a new covering to check how the sub floor is. For installing vinyl flooring, laminate or carpeting, the sub floor must be flat at 5 mm within a radius of 2.5 m. If it is not level within these requirements, you will have to make it fit to receive the chosen coating. Join for free! Read real reviews and see ratings for Charlotte Flooring Installation near you to help you pick the right pro Floor Installation.


Check step by step:

1 – Firstly, it is important to check the current floor level. If in the environment it contains furniture it is necessary that all are removed from the place. The baseboards present at the site also need to be removed, because after correctly leveling they will be installed again at the site.

2 – Use a piece of chalk to mark the highest places on the floor with an “X” and the places with the highest elevations with “O”. Working in small parts, use an entire floor leveler and mark the highest parts and the slopes with chalk.

3 – Mix the repair paste according to the packaging. The Planiprep SC is a high-performance grout smoothing Mapei, which changes with polymers and reinforced with fibers. Use Planiprep SC for quick smoothing, smoothing and minor defects on common surfaces and substrates.

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4 – After preparing the product with the instructions on the packaging, select a suitable smooth steel trowel.

5 – Apply the mixture to the substrate immediately, according to the desired thickness.

6 – Roll out the dough on the base and finish until you get the necessary finish

7 – When applying Planiprep SC in thicknesses greater than 12 mm, restrict to sections of 1.22 m wide at a time

8 – Planiprep SC mortar must be sufficiently hard so that the application of an adhesive with a notched trowel does not damage the surface. Allow Planiprep SC to dry completely before installing floors that are sensitive to moisture (such as wood, homogeneous PVC and rubber flooring).

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