Floor Installation – How to Correct Slope Balance in 8 Steps

For those who are building or renovating a house, apartment or even a commercial room, it is essential when placing a new covering to check how the sub floor is. For installing vinyl flooring, laminate or carpeting, the sub floor must be flat at 5 mm within a radius of 2.5 m. If it is not level within these requirements, you will have to make it fit to receive the chosen coating. Join for free! Read real reviews and see ratings for Charlotte Flooring Installation near you to help you pick the right pro Floor Installation.


Check step by step:

1 – Firstly, it is important to check the current floor level. If in the environment it contains furniture it is necessary that all are removed from the place. The baseboards present at the site also need to be removed, because after correctly leveling they will be installed again at the site.

2 – Use a piece of chalk to mark the highest places on the floor with an “X” and the places with the highest elevations with “O”. Working in small parts, use an entire floor leveler and mark the highest parts and the slopes with chalk.

3 – Mix the repair paste according to the packaging. The Planiprep SC is a high-performance grout smoothing Mapei, which changes with polymers and reinforced with fibers. Use Planiprep SC for quick smoothing, smoothing and minor defects on common surfaces and substrates.

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4 – After preparing the product with the instructions on the packaging, select a suitable smooth steel trowel.

5 – Apply the mixture to the substrate immediately, according to the desired thickness.

6 – Roll out the dough on the base and finish until you get the necessary finish

7 – When applying Planiprep SC in thicknesses greater than 12 mm, restrict to sections of 1.22 m wide at a time

8 – Planiprep SC mortar must be sufficiently hard so that the application of an adhesive with a notched trowel does not damage the surface. Allow Planiprep SC to dry completely before installing floors that are sensitive to moisture (such as wood, homogeneous PVC and rubber flooring).

6 Ideas for a Post-Wedding Party – Which one suits You?

Currently, many couples are betting on a destination wedding , ensuring that the celebration lasts much longer than one day and that they can turn the event into an unforgettable family reunion (and with the dearest friends). With demand, many spaces offer advice not only for the decoration of the wedding , but with suggestions for accommodation, schedule of tours and transportation of guests within the city that will host the big day. The celebrations begin with the pre-wedding, which is common when the ceremony is held in another city, continuing until the day after the celebration with the post-wedding and closing day C with a flourish. These Top Wedding Venues in Charlotte NC, North Carolina Bring the Southern Charm.


As much as the priority is to organize day C, where since the different wedding invitations are planned in order to express the personality of the couple, the celebrations that involve the date have already become commonplace and become part of the whole process . So, in addition to offering a delicious dinner, a playlist of wedding songs that will liven everyone up, get to know some ideas for your post-wedding party. Small Party Venues in Charlotte NC, Beautiful, elegant and peaceful. Great Venue!!!

1. Breakfast

Obviously you won’t have to get up early to prepare a delicious menu, just leave it in advance and arrange with the staff of the place that will house the guests. In a hotel it will be much simpler to adapt it, there you can book a large table to accommodate everyone and leave them together . Among the items served, there may be juices, yogurt, coffee and milk, tea, cold cuts, fruits and breads and, if there is a large amount of the decorated wedding cake left , offer it in small slices. If the scenario favors, you can even use the top decoration of the wedding cake between the trays, to bring the atmosphere of the ceremony to the after party.

2. Brunch

Usually brunch is served from 11am to 3pm, and is a mixture of breakfast and lunch, so you can use the breakfast options and add salads , omelets, sandwiches , some leftover sweets and include drinks like champagne or some other alcoholic drink that they know their friends will order. You can leave some elements of the simple wedding decoration from the previous day, but there is no need for more work, just provide a reserved place to gather the class. You can enjoy some remaining arrangements with the wedding flowers that are still beautiful for charm.

3. Picnic

If you have opted for an outdoor ceremony with rustic wedding decor, you can opt for a picnic on the lawn, a checkered towel, disposable cutlery to facilitate and no glass. Prefer light and refreshing foods such as carrot sticks , celery and asparagus, vegetable quiche, cold cuts board, mini sandwiches, fruits, leftover cupcakes and muffins can compose the scene and make the picnic sweeter. For drinks, we recommend various juices, coconut water and some alcohol options for “cachaceiros” friends!

4. Informal lunch

A pasta buffet always appeals to everyone, in addition to providing a lot of energy after a night enjoying the wedding party music . They may include some salad alternatives to complement and delight family and friends who danced until the sun came up. The mass is reasonably economic and democratic option : can offer various sauces, including options for vegetarians and intolerant of any kind of food.

5. Happy Hour

Having a meeting in the late afternoon of the day after the ceremony will be an incredible alternative when guests will only leave two days after the ceremony, in this case a pleasant meeting with friends who have decided to extend their stay . It is a way to end the weekend with a flourish. Offer snacks, snacks, pies, a choice of sandwich or mini pizza. In addition to traditional drinks, such as soft drinks, juices, water, and if no one is going to hit the road after happy hour, you can add some alcoholic beverages. Friends will not miss a good draft beer!

6. Everything ends in pizza

Loved by everyone, pizza is always welcome, you can look for a pizzeria that accommodates the guests who stayed and end the weekend with a very fun and, of course, appetizing after-party. The day may be relaxing, but a meeting with friends in a charming pizzeria for the last toast is a great way to thank everyone for their presence, as well as being able to hear how they rocked the dance floor when they danced the first romantic wedding song as officially married (at). Best Banquet Halls (Charlotte NC) and Wedding Venues around, North Carolina

Such a symbolic date, which is surrounded by so many emotions, sometimes requires that it be celebrated in an “endless” way, so the celebrations go on for days. In India, for example, the celebrations last for more than a week and, here, the trend is going the same way. Just adopt simple, informal proposals and without the need to invest in various party dresses for each event, what matters is to enjoy and celebrate this event so unique in the couple’s life.

Catering at Home

You also hire a professional catering company for your home catering. The caterer takes care of your snack plate or snacks at home with which you can pamper your guests during parties and parties. Choose the cuisine of your preference, such as: Japanese, English, Indian, Surinamese, Arabic or Mediterranean. Everything is possible at a caterer, from finger food, sushi and tapas to hot snacks. The chefs come and bring everything away, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Do you want to get your party dressed? If desired, the caterer can also arrange the decoration of your event. Contact us directly for a free quote.

Delivery meals

Do you not feel like cooking yourself? Have meals delivered to your home. Dishes for large groups can easily be brought to your home by a caterer. Catering companies specialize in providing meals for large numbers of people. Not only do you have meals catered for you by a caterer, but also your snacks and desserts can be delivered to your home by a cook. You can also opt for private dining, where the chef at home comes to prepare the dishes. This way you enjoy freshly prepared ingredients in the privacy of your home: culinary success guaranteed. Contact


Snack dish

Do you have something to celebrate? Or is there a drink at work? Then order a snack dish to accompany the drink or party. Catering companies are specialized in putting together different snacks from the kitchen to your liking. Think, for example, of Mediterranean, Asian or Surinamese. Special wishes can also be taken into account, such as vegetarian, gluten-free or halal. The caterer brings the snacks on location and, if desired, will serve them themselves with the help of qualified staff. He or she can also organize the complete decoration of your party such as: tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, standing tables and party tents. And the best thing of all: after the party, everything is cleaned up again. All you have to do is sit back and entertain your guests.

Affordable catering for everyone

Cook at home or on location

Do you really want something special for your party? Then consider hiring a chef who will prepare the meal at your home. This way you can enjoy dinner at a restaurant level in the intimacy of your own home. The cook takes everything out of your hands and does the dishes afterwards. You can also opt for private dining on location, where you rent a special room for intimate dining with friends and family. The catering company sends the cook to the location of your wish to prepare the dishes there. Everything is put together in accordance with your wishes. If desired, have entertainment provided in the form of a band or DJ. Caterers have the right contacts through their professional network to arrange beautiful locations including entertainment. Ideal for your private party or meeting place.

Music For Physical Health

# 1 It improves your mood

When you listen to music, the substance comes dopamine free in your brain, that is the happiness hormone. So it is scientifically proven that you get a better mood from it.

# 2 You can get an orgasm

For real? For real! Some songs can lead to physical sensations on your skin that you can compare with orgasm. Just that little bit more than goosebumps! In the scientist language that is called ‘frisson!’

# 3 Music is the top sport

When you listen to music or play music yourself, multiple parts of your brain are active. This is evident from scientific research. Even writing music or playing can be compared to a ‘full body work-out’ for your brain.

# 4 Influence on your blood pressure

If you listen to fast music, your blood pressure rises. If you listen to slow music, you get the opposite effect. Classical music not only causes low blood pressure but also a slower heartbeat.

# 5 Music really helps us …

For example, it has been discovered that music therapy can have a positive influence on, for example, people with Alzheimer’s disease. You also have many musicians who stutter in a daily conversation, but not while singing a song!

Music For Mental Health

Many studies are devoted to research into the benefits of listening and playing music. The ever-growing range of music therapies also points to the beneficial powers of music.

Emotional benefits
Everyone has one or more songs that can improve his or her state of mind when things go less. What hides behind this is the fact that music like no other medium is capable of expressing and expressing feelings. Usually we have songs for different situations, so we can choose the melody that best suits our feelings.

To increase the connection between your state of mind and music, you do well to make associations between certain songs and moods. This way you know which song you need to cheer up or calm down.

Music and exercise
Have you ever noticed how excited you are when you perform fitness exercises on a hard rock hit? If you switch to a quiet, rippling song, you will soon notice the difference. It is therefore not surprising that more than once it has been suggested that stimulating music creates more muscle tension, while quiet music does the opposite.

What has also been noticed is that music can help in the development of motor skills. For example, a study showed that children who hear music while learning simple motor skills such as throwing, catching and jumping achieved better results than those who had to do without music.

Chronic pain
Music would also significantly reduce the sensation of chronic pain. Of course, some good songs will not be able to relieve you of your pain, but once the medication is ready, some of your favorite hits help ease the pain.

Better results
According to various studies, music would also increase your learning abilities. Studying and creating music help you study other matter. In general, those people also get better results. Whether the style of music is a contributory factor is not yet certain, but it is well known that thought patterns that arise during the making of music help to develop language skills, social and mathematical skills.

Developed interaction in the brain
Certain studies have shown that there is more interaction between the two hemispheres of people who play music. According to experts, music is actually a kind of exercise to send signals through our brains. Sending these signals is used to activate our other functions. The ‘Mozart effect’ is proof of this. By listening to a piano sonata by the composer, people gained 8 to 9 points more on a Standford-Binet IQ test.

Universal language
An obscure band from Australia, The Cat Empire, once sang, ‘Music is the language of us all’ or freely translated: ‘music is our common language’. And indeed, even though you go to the other side of the world, it is difficult to start a conversation because of language problems, so that everyone can join in discussions about Madonna, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones.

The decision that we can draw from all research is that music plays a positive role in many areas of human development. For the time being it is not clear what the specific role of different rhythmic patterns is. Due to the large diversity of genres it is not always easy to make a general statement. But it is not imaginary that the effects of music might be stronger than we think.

Importance Of Music

Music can mean a lot for our health. It is an effective remedy for stress, pain and insomnia. Listening to music has various positive effects on our body and mind. Discover here the 5 most important benefits of music for our health.

1. Music reduces stress
Listening to music lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol in our body. This effect is greatest for people who are actively involved with music. So do not hesitate to sing along or tapping with your foot to the beat of the music.

2. Music is conducive to memory
Music can help to better record and remember certain information. The effect would vary according to the type of music. A light tune in the background while studying is not a bad idea.

3. Music reduces pain
Research at Drexel University in Philadelphia shows that music therapy causes pain relief in cancer patients. The kind of music that helps the best is classical music, meditative music or the favorite music of the patient himself

4. Music makes us happy
When we listen to music, our brain releases dopamine. This neurotransmitter gives us a happy and happy feeling